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The newly completed Delta Fire Station hosted their official hose cutting ceremony and open house to the public on Saturday, June 17.


Delta Fire Chief Lynn Ashby conducted the dedication ceremony. The newly formed Millard County Sheriff’s Office Honor guard with Captain Richard Jacobson posted the colors.

Delta City Mayor, Gayle Bunker and Millard County Fire District President, Bruce Curtis spoke. Mayor Bunker explained how the funding for the new fire station was made possible by joint efforts with a Community Impact Board Grant of $1,810,000 and a loan for $775,000 to the Millard County Fire District and Delta City, to be paid back by the Millard Fire District.

“This building is for all of Millard County, not just Delta,” Ashby said. “We plan on using it for meetings that will include all of the county’s firefighters.” The new fire station will 12 pieces of fire fighting equipment. If ever there is a major event in the county, the building can be used as an emergency community center with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office.

Mayor Bunker thanked the volunteer firemen of Delta City and told of the history of Delta City’s Fire Station, and the project that resulted in the dedication of the new building. “This building is a hundred-year building,” Mayor Bunker said, asserting that with the long history of the first fire stations, the new station would stand for years as a reminder of how far the city has come and where it is going.

Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal, Ted Black made a few remarks. Black spoke of his own childhood experiences when he was privileged to ride in the community parades on the local fire truck, and that in those moments he wasn’t just a farmer, he was a fireman. With tears in his eyes, he declared, “The Fire Department is tied to the identity of a community.”

Concluding the ceremony, Ashby told about his family legacy with the Delta City Fire Department and what it meant for him to have this opportunity to dedicate the new fire station. It started as a dream by his father, the previous Delta City Fire Chief, C. Bryce Ashby and was now finally coming true. “So here’s the station and I see the future with this new station,” Ashby said. “The Mayor said this is a hundred-year building, and it is! No doubt about it.”

Following Ashby’s remarks, the 1942 Delta City fire truck, the first truck ever purchased by Delta City, was placed in the burgeoning museum alcove alongside the station. The fire fighters will be restoring the truck in the upcoming years.